Aaron Gaston


It’s an understatement for me to say I care about Ventura, having been born and raised here. My family’s roots in Ventura start in the 1950s—my parents live in the same Pierpont Beach house where they raised me and my brother. As an alumni of Pierpont Elementary, Cabrillo Middle, and Ventura High, I even had some of the same teachers and coaches that my parents had. It’s a legacy I’m proud to uphold, having brought up my own daughters in Ventura.
My father owned and ran a small business in Ventura and that entrepreneurial spirit was passed on to my brother and me at a very early age. After I graduated from UCSB, I returned to Ventura to cofound and run a technology company in the service of individuals with disabilities, where I worked for nearly 30 years.
I’m now a realtor and business partner with my mother, Grace Gaston, who has been a local realtor for over 30 years. My brother has owned the largest salon and spa in Ventura, Michael Kelley, for years, and recently, my wife Nicole Gaston founded her own salon, The Ivy Mae, in 2018. My family continues to grow its roots in Ventura’s soil.
With my family’s broad experience as small business owners, supporting small businesses is extremely important to me. It’s one of the main reasons I wanted to run for City Council; investing in small businesses is investing in Venturans.

Why Aaron? Because We Need Leaders with experience!

As a lifelong small business owner, I’m running for Ventura City Council District 3 to address the urgent and immediate issues affecting our City. I am committed to focusing on a robust local economy, supporting small businesses, improving public safety, preserving our environment, and addressing homelessness and housing issues.

I am deeply committed to serving my constituents in District 3. It will be a privilege to represent you, and I will work tirelessly to ensure that your voices are heard. I believe in teamwork, not divisiveness, is essential to solving the challenges we are facing in this unprecedented public health and economic crisis.

Strong local Economy

Ventura has a shortage of quality companies with good-paying jobs causing many Venturans to commute for work. Encouraging businesses to call Ventura home is good for the overall health of our citizens and our community. It reduces traffic, air pollution, and brings in much-needed tax revenue.


Born and raised in Ventura, I will be a champion of preserving our natural resources and fight for policies that reduce our global footprint so we can all enjoy a clean and healthy community. I want my daughters and their future children to have an even better Ventura than I enjoyed and my parents before me.


To have a robust and healthy community, we must have a safe City. I will support our incredible first responders and public safety officers by providing them the tools they need to better protect and serve our community.


Ventura has taken a step in the right direction with ARCH, our new year-round shelter, and I would continue to support projects like this and others that address homelessness. Mental health services and drug addiction intervention is essential for us to reduce our homeless population and help our most vulnerable.


Support Aaron’s Campaign for Ventura City Council

I am not a career politician. I am a husband, father, business owner, and volunteer. I care deeply about our Ventura, ask anybody who knows me. If I am elected, my priority will be all of us Venturans. I am determined to knock on every door in District 3, if allowed during these unprecedented times, and listen to your concerns so that I can represent them when I am elected. Money is the lifeblood of any political campaign, and I need to have a strong showing from the start to make sure everyone in District 3 hears my message that the City Council should be working for all of us. Your help today can help me get my campaign off the ground and ensure that you see Gaston for Ventura City Council 2020 signs up in our community soon.  



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